The Vatican’s NFT gallery will officially be launched

The Vatican is trying to officially launch its Non-reciprocal token (NFT) gallery to ‘democratize the arts’. It is basically a collaboration between Sensorium ,a virtual reality startup, and Humanity 2.0, a Vatican-led NGO. It is going to open an art gallery of non-reciprocal tokens (NFT) so that people can view the artwork, manuscripts and other objects in its collection from anywhere in this world. 

Sensorium, which is a leading metaverse developer leveraging the latest AI, virtual reality and NFT solutions, has said that Parties will work hard to improve the Vatican’s first VR and NFT gallery to present the art, content and academic initiatives.

Democratizing art

Looking forward to democratizing art, the Chair of Logic and Epistemology at the Pontifical Lateran University in the Vatican,Father Philip Larrey said that they are looking forward to work with Sensorium to explore all the new ways to democratize art, just to make it more widely available to all the people worldwide, regardless of their socio-economic and geographic limitations. The partnership with Sensorium puts this goal one step forward and prepares us with cutting-edge solutions.

VR headsets are available for better experience in the gallery

NFTs look like to be the upcoming new craze which will be around for a long time. Many businesses have already entered the digitalization space by investing rampantly in blockchains and NFTs. Since the outbreak of Covid and the posterior lockdowns, businesses have switched their attention to the digital footprints and online presence, and the Vatican has also done the same.

It is expected that the gallery, which can be attainable from desktop computers as well as virtual reality glasses, will be accessible from this year onwards.