The First Metaverse Wedding in UAE

Florian Ughetto, a French national living in Dubai, is getting married to his Paraguayan wife-to-be, Liz Nunez. It’s going to be an unconventional marriage, but not for the reason you might think. The event, which will be attended by only the close family and friends of the couple, will be held in Decentraland.

Dressed in a swanky, personalized black and brown suit and a gorgeous white dress bought off the largest NFT marketplace Open Sea for around $100, Florian and his bride Liz will walk down the aisle in their very own private plot on Decentraland.

Along with them will be 20 of their closest friends and family, who will be joining them in the metaverse from the comfort of their own houses. They will be exchanging vows followed by speeches by the best man and maid of honor. Then, the group will head off to a location in the metaverse to party the whole night away. The couple met through common friends at a party almost seven months ago at DeCentre Bar & Grill, Dubai Mall (DeCentre). They started dating immediately after that first meeting and now plan to spend the rest of their lives together as husband and wife in Decentraland.

Florian Ughetto and his wife, Liz Nunez are the first couple to get married in the metaverse. The couple faced a lot of legal issues because of their different nationalities, but finally got married in Georgia in 2019. “That is one of the reasons why we chose to fly to Georgia to register our marriage,” said Florian. The couple is really excited about their wedding which is scheduled to be held on May 19, 2022.

The couple finally decided to take things to the metaverse — that’s right, they are going metaverse-wedding style! The first metaverse wedding will take place at Dubai World Trade Centre tomorrow. Inspired by the legal hassle they faced previously. The couple decided to set up their very own wedding planning company named ‘Easy Wedding’. The company has expanded since it was set up and presently has offices in Seychelles and US apart from its parent company which is in Dubai. The couple hope to experiment with their metaverse wedding before the same service is offered to couples all over the world. Although the final cost of the metaverse wedding is still not revealed, it is estimated to be upwards of Dh3,000. The couple hope that the service will be helpful to those who are facing legal and other restrictions during the post-pandemic times.

The couple has decided to record backups of everything, including their vows. Their wedding ceremony will be live streamed on Facebook Live. They are also streaming all pre-ceremony activities so that people who can’t attend can still participate in the celebrations remotely. The couple is really excited about their wedding which is scheduled to be held on May 19th 2022 at 11am UAE time (GMT+4).