The Cultural Department of Abu Dhabi issues NFT

The Cultural and Tourism Department of Abu Dhabi also called the DCT Abu Dhabi has become the first UAE Government Entity to issue NFT (non- fungible token).

During a series of innovative and creative workshops held by the Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture, a joint association of over 220 employees was formed to make the exclusive NFT digital art. The motive of this was to show DCT Abu Dhabi’s corporate values of being appreciative, creative, agile and associative.

Jasim Al Hebsi, Acting Director of Human Resources and Benefits at DCT Abu Dhabi said that by creating NFT collage, they have shown that the spirit of innovation thrives in their organisation. At DCT Abu Dhabi, their vision is to cultivate their knowledge and understanding of their cultural heritage while inspiring creativity to embrace the future of technology. In addition to highlighting their corporate values ​​and encouraging teamwork, this project has allowed them to benefit by understanding more about how art and culture has been developing in this technological age.

The workshop was a two-day event and it had eight sessions in which 20 teams worked to create their designs from a photo library which consisted of over 1000 images. All those unique designs were merged together to make up a collage which later got shifted into the DCT Abu Dhabi’s exclusive NFT.

NFTs were earlier created by Dubai Police who did offer it to the public for free.

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