Royal Strategic Partners of UAE to create a blockchain fund with Korean Entity, worth 1 billion USD

UAE has a number of Royal Strategic Partners. They are a group of investors who invest in blockchain and crypto projects. The Partners consists of a subsidiary of ADCG, which stands for Abu Dhabi Capital Group, Korea NFT Contents Association and Korea Hillstone Partners. All of them provide funds for Hillstone Finance. They all have agreed to create and be a part of a joint venture fund for investment in NFT (full form: Non Fungible Tokens), crypto, blockchain and Metaverse. It has been announced that this fund will be launched this year and will start with investment as high as 1 billion USD.

The fund launch has been finalized after various negotiations. It took a while to decide on the investment process and methodology. This joint venture fund of 1 billion USD crypto, NFT, Blockchain will be registered both in Singapore and UAE, Dubai.

It has been reported that Kim who is the Director of Korea NFT Contents Association will be the one managing this joint venture fund of Blockchain,NFT, crypto. Through a medium post it has come to the knowledge of the people that the joint venture fund of one billion USD will not only target blockchain firms, crypto exchanges but also K-POP contents, art works, real estate, healthcare and others.

Kim stated how UAE has emerged as one of the leading business hubs for blockchain and virtual assets. He also mentioned how they are expecting a great synergy on this onset of oversea investment and utilization of virtual assets through this partnership.

The CEO of Hillstone Partners, Rayol Hwang stated how considering the current trend NFT has already been able to establish itself as a new investment method. It can be stated as a bridge between the real and the virtual world. He also mentioned how Hillstone is planning to utilize its global fund network to bring out the best out of this Joint Venture.

The Chinese Jinsha group and UAE Royal Strategic Partners had partnered to invest in Blockchain projects even before this new announcement was made. Cypher Capital, Matcha Capital and other crypto Oasis Senito have shown great interest in the development of funds for crypto and blockchain. There are also many other private venture capitalist firms who are interested in the same.  

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