Residents can now meet the Ajman police officers in the Metaverse

One can now interact with the Ajman Police in the metaverse-which is a virtual or digital representation of real locations where people’s avatars can meet, doing away with the need to go to a police station. Members of this community and police officials can interact with one another in the metaverse after wearing the Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and connecting through their smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. For ‘visitors’, it also provides the opportunity to visit officials in a meeting room in the metaverse. Ajman Police General Command said that its metaverse project is the very first such police service in the whole UAE and this development makes it the leading government body in the emirate of Ajman to take the digital leap bridging the digital gap.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed bin Abdullah Abu Shehab, who is the head of the Services Development Team at Al Nuaimiya Comprehensive Police Station at Ajman, said that the project came within Ajman Police’s efforts to strengthen this cooperation with its consumers and involve them in the design and development of services. Metaverse also comes within the infrastructure of facilitating the meeting between customers through VR, which brings them closer together with police officers without the need of being personally present at the very police station.

High-tech services

He added that the designed platform provides a very different consumer experience through the virtual world, which in turn simulates the real world, and assures the provision of services are to suit the lifestyle of the future, in line as the UAE Government promised to deliver high-tech services.

Lt Col Abu Shehab explained that a distinct experimental task was designed for a virtual hall in the metaverse, at the Innovation Lab at Al Nuaimiya Comprehensive Police Station in partnership with the creative team of Ajman Police. It was based on the advice and guidance of the Future Readiness Team.

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