Region’s first Telco NFT collection launch by e&

e& (formerly known as Etisalat Group) makes public its first set of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the region. This symbolizes a significant milestone for the company as the first technology and investment conglomerate in the Middle East to launch Non-fungible Tokens.

The first set of NFTs will be dispersed selectively, and the company will be providing further updates as their plans for the NFT’s progress. The initial batch of NFTs highlights e&’s commitment to advancing technological capabilities as the organization’s blockchain arm passed AED 10 billion worth in  payments last year. It underpins the organization’s vision to make a difference at every touch point by pondering and deploying best-in-class innovative solutions, harnessing advanced techs, and maintaining its advanced infrastructure.

Hatem Dowidar, the Group CEO of e&, said that the digital transformation that they are experiencing on all fronts will push forth their quest to innovate. The metaverse is opening up many avenues for them to investigate the digital sector in ways that were unimaginable just a few years back. At this defining moment in their journey, they are proud to leverage their legacy in blockchain-enabled technology to launch pioneering NFTs that enables them and their customers to explore the limitless potential that the metaverse has to offer. The NFTs designs were acquired in the UAE, where they are interested in supporting the local development of upcoming products, technologies and solutions. This is a very unique opportunity to celebrate how far they’ve come as an organization and to continue exploring what’s next for them on the horizon. He added that they live in the renaissance of connectivity where they must capitalize on every opportunity that strengthens their continued leadership as the champion digital telco in this hyper-connected world.

NFTs are virtual assets with unique codes stored on blockchain that establish their authenticity and who owns them. With 5G bringing lesser latency, faster speeds and reducing capacity, the innovative ways this technology can be used in the NFTs market are boundaryless. The network that supports NFTs must offer a lighting speed connectivity to allow bidding down to the last millisecond, robust security protocols for multi-million-dollar assets, and of course, consistency, reliability and accessibility regardless of data size. NFTs have gained their popularity as digital assets that transcend different areas in recent years. They encompass a wide range of subjects from art to music, gaming and multimedia and are daily bought online. Particularly, the NFT market in 2021 has been reported to be worth around USD 41 billion , which nearly equates to a total value of the entire international fine art market. Given their finite runs and unique identifying codes, NFTs are a big help for protecting intellectual property through the blockchain technology.

This milestone is one of the latest successes that e& has seen in its contemporary transformation journey as an international technology and investment conglomerate. e& has been influential in developing and reinforcing the UAE’s strong telecoms infrastructure since its foundation which was 46 years ago. As e& transforms into a tech conglomerate and keeping in line with UAE’s virtualization ambitions, it has combined its scalable technological competencies with its powerful telecom’s expertise, enriching the lives of users and adding value to enterprises.

Ramping up the digital services for individual consumers to lift up their digital-first lifestyle, e& life brings next-generation techs through smart platforms in fields like entertainment, retail and financial technology. To allow the digital transformation of governments, large-scale enterprises and corporates, e& enterprise concentrates on maximizing value through its complete solutions in, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT) along with Artificial Intelligence (AI). e& capital enables the Group to focus its efforts on driving new mergers and acquisitions while amplify shareholder value and strengthening its world-wide presence.

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