Harmony DAO UAE opens group, visualization, and set up

Harmony DAO UAE (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) opens its group, visualization, and set up in Dubai UAE. As per their blog post, it is said that after the proclamation of Dubai’s fundamental quality guideline, and its force in the acceptance of cryptocurrency in the UAE, Harmony DAO will be the chief power to assist UAE’s crypto society in the early acceptance of Harmony Protocol.

The visualization of Harmony DAO UAE is to initiate the harmony bio-network to the crypto society in UAE, centering on the consciousness of the outstanding characteristics of the bio-network. They mean to platform what Harmony Blockchain can convey to the world of Web3, NFT, DeFi and play to earn.

Harmony is a layer-1 blockchain using sharding and Effective Proof of Stake to accomplish scalability, safety, and transference. The system was initiated in 2019 and marks trustless cross-chain bridges and four shards, which practice deals in parallel.

Harmony DAO UAE aspires to involve new consumers in the bio-network through communal media, infographic content, design of normal working processes for well-organized performance of Harmony UAE DAO, and formation of a Facebook page to make sure deeper saturation in normal communal media and optimize the reach of Harmony UAE DAO.

The leading group of Harmony DAO UAE consists of Younus Saeed, a well-known crypto dealer in AE, as a lead administrator with many other crypto specialists in the group.

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