Dr Marwan Alzarouni is about to join Everdome as the Official Advisor

Everdome has declared that Dr Marwan Alzarouni is going to be appointed as its Official Advisor. Notably, Dr Alzarouni, the internationally recognised blockchain technology advocate, is joining the team at a crucial time ahead of the first of Everdome’s three-phase launch. 

Dr Alzarouni is well known for his prominent work as the CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center. He has also served as Managing Partner at innovation consultancy Accelliance. Given his ample expertise in this particular field, he was appointed to lead the Digital Asset Task Force (DATF), a research and advisory team which reports to Dubai Future Council for Blockchain.

With a strong background in blockchain, digital transformation, and innovation, Dr Alzarouni will play a vital role as the Official Advisor for Everdome. He will immeasurably strengthen the project.

Besides, Dr Alzarouni will also be able to provide unprecedented insight into the Middle East’s rapid shift towards blockchain and metaverse adoption while contributing to Everdome’s expansion strategy throughout its base in the UAE and its adjoining region.

When asked about the appointment, Rob Gryn, the CEO and Founder of Everdome and Metahero said, the whole team is beyond thrilled to welcome such incredible expertise of Dr Alzarouni. They are glad to get the opportunity of working closely with him. According to Rob, Dr Alzarouni will prove to be a real asset with his proven capabilities in Everdome’s core focus area. He is also hopeful that Dr Alzarouni will help them shape Everdome into a world-leading metaverse by creating phenomenal value for players and investors both.

Dr Alzarouni on the other hand stated that the metaverse is a normal evolution of our connected world, and advanced technologies like blockchain are at the heart of what will make the metaverse a victory for everyone. He thinks Everdome especially is an amazing project. When asked why he chose to join the project, Dr Alzarouni candidly answered that there are mainly two reasons behind his decision. One, simply because it is breaking new grounds and two, it is rooted in the UAE, with Phase one of the game set in Hatta.

Everdome, which is built on Unreal Engine 5, will offer a fully immersive web experience by pulling on the talents and concepts of popular concept artists, game creators, 3D designers, Hollywood VFX professionals, urban planning specialists, a development team that has been producing graphics and effects for more than a decade, and a marketing team that has already tasted success in various industries.

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