BTC price: What might be Bitcoin’s next move as the war in Ukraine Drives More Volatility: $40,000 or $34,000?

Bitcoin rate once again witnessed an initial drop below $40K in the early trading hours which consequently led to turbulence within the crypto community.

The vast majority of the altcoins are also dealing with a comparable crisis, but they are striving to bounce back finely as BTC & ETH plunge hard.

It appears that the crypto space is not yet finished with the roller coaster ride as many crypto assets possess severe volatility. Bitcoin entered 2022 with a significantly high note. While Ethereum’s price was on the verge to cross $3000, Bitcoin’s price fluctuated high above $45K. But the cryptocurrency market plunged into a crash this week amid the increasing political unrest in Europe following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that saw markets fall internationally. The downward slide in crypto prices points towards a further toll in the forthcoming days. The chart suggests an extensive bearish trend while several pointers indicate a significant flip. 

Bitcoin’s price primarily relies on the market players as an increase in universal attraction towards Bitcoin is what boosts its price. The moment people start losing interest, it further persuades others. An increase in market scepticism over a collapse of the currency is followed by a major drop in price.  A similar pattern can be noticed nowadays, hence it won’t be incorrect to presume that the bitcoin price will be negatively impacted. Consequently, a steep drop in price may drag bitcoin to collapse below $33K quite rapidly. 

The odds of the Bitcoin price slashing to $33,000 has been examined by an analyst. They have deciphered the reason for a decline in the Entity Adjusted Dormancy Flow. There are some powerful short-term and long-term dynamics among attractiveness factors, implying Bitcoin is plunging because its experienced market players are losing their interest in negotiating with Bitcoin. However, after smashing the highs, the Dormancy Flow tends to hit the deeper levels which drag the cost down. 

However, after bouncing back, the Bitcoin tariff receives a substantial boost which goes parabolic to hit the ATH. Hence, though the investment may initially decline further to wield the backing; with a remarkable flip, it may reignite an uptrend to touch the highs. Regardless, throughout the weekend, $33,000 might be the bearish target for Bitcoin price.