Aafaq MENA and Arab monetary checks to maintain fintech startups

Aafaq MEA, Islamic money Islamic checks contributor, and MENA Arab monetary checks, the primary digital disbursement solutions contributor have pierced a considered organization whereby to sustain hopeful Fintech startups to initiate their manufactured goods and services in the UAE.

The company is essential to AFS’s local associate agenda, an agenda dedicated to providing a podium for novel and obtainable Fintechs to initiate, enlarge, and level their manufactured goods across the area. This shapes a fraction of AFS’s continuing local force as the most important disbursements processor and trusted consultant for marketplace development to hold the disbursements landscape and supply opportunities to Fintechs to rise exponentially during innovative and original industry models.

Rashid Mahboob Al Qubaisi, CEO of Aafaq Islamic Finance said that their corporation with AFS supports their promise to carry the UAE’s rising Fintech bio-network, and improve the comprehensive digital trade surroundings. Over the past years, there has been a noteworthy expansion in economic technology and digital overhauls. They claim to reach new sections of clients to keep speed with the quickly expanding marketplace. They are thrilled to work with AFS – being one of their convicted partners, to carry ground-breaking goods to the marketplace. Qubaisi also added that throughout the corporation, they supply a faultless product that reveals digital solutions that are fully safe and economically sound.

Samer Soliman, AFS Chief Executive Officer, said that skill and modernization have become crucial in today’s contemporary disbursements scheme. AFS distinguishes the significance of new-age knowledge and persists to make shared plans and stages that sustain the expansion and enlargement of the fintech bio-network. In this teamwork, they are combining knowledge and information that gives a structure of BIN support, skill, and process & sharing to all Fintechs and startups in the UAE.

Aafaq Islamic Finance is a personal mutual stock corporation launched in 2006 as a financing corporation in service in agreement with the stipulations of Islamic Sharia; Headquartered in the Emirate of Dubai, it presents a wide variety of financing and asset agendas that are well-matched with Islamic Sharia; in addition to providing different monetary services and manufactured goods that are based on the uppermost heights of excellence and competence, during its branches located in diverse parts of the state.

Keeping pace by The Central Bank of Bahrain, and majority-owned by Bank ABC, AFS brags several inventive nonstop digital compensation checks and solutions. These duration debit, credit, and Islamic card processing, commercial attaining, fintech, and a group of high-tech value-added checks. Its devotion to novelty has placed AFS as a heavy marketplace power bringing a rich collection of compensation solutions counting well-liked digital movable folders, market-leading mercantile obtaining services, Bahrain’s most important digital payroll result, worldwide call centers, and more. Providing the uppermost excellence disbursements solutions that are trusted by businesses, AFS has workplaces and data centers in Bahrain, the UAE, and Oman.

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